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  1. ‘Ex-Muslims clash with mosque over homophobia in London’

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    08/11/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    A group in the UK calling itself the “ex-Muslim Council” has been stirring controversy. Members attended an LGBT parade in …
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  2. ‘Attempt to prosecute Tony Blair over Iraq War blocked by UK High Court’

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    07/31/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Britain’s High Court has blocked a bid by an Iraqi general to bring a private prosecution against Tony Blair after …
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  3. ‘Is it time to rethink austerity?’

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    07/20/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Walsall resident Mel Powell reports on how continuing austerity is affecting people’s lives in one of England’s most deprived towns.

  4. ‘Acid attack was a hate crime’

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    07/06/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    A man who was left with life-changing injuries in an East London acid attack has been telling this programme about …
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  5. How the ‘war on terror’ coverage affected the UK vote

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    06/12/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Instead, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party surged with him saying aloud what many believe but few western politicians dare to say – that it’s time for a total rethink on the so-called “war on terror.

  6. ‘Global Empire: Election Time in Britain’

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    06/08/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    2 days before voters head to the polls, Tariq Ali provides an overview of the British elections. Will Jeremy Corbyn’s …
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  7. ‘London Attack: Policing, politics and the response to the latest rampage’

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    06/06/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    As authorities in London work to identify the victims of Saturday’s attacks near London bridge, more raids in several locations …
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  8. ‘UK election 2017: Will young people swing it?’

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    05/31/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    We’re in Wolverhampton where we’ve gathered an audience of under thirties and over sixties to discuss all the important issues …
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  9. ‘Manchester attack: CCTV appears to show bomber shopping in hours before explosion’

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    05/30/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    New CCTV footage has emerged which appears to show the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi shopping at a convenience store. The …
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  10. ‘Police name Manchester bomber as 22-year-old Salman Abedi’

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    05/24/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Police identified 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the suspected suicide bomber who detonated bombs as throngs of teenagers poured out of …
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