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  1. 5 minutes live at Sweet Sranan – Nakal

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    07/02/2017 by Lindau *

    Invited to make some images about a year ago and it wasn’t wrong. These guys are good, very good. Never heard this in Basa Jawa (the Javanese language).

  2. 5 minutes at a fire – Jacob Catsstraat in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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    06/29/2017 by Lindau *

    The newspapers say that this was result of a huge explosion, but I didn’t hear any explosion while I was around all the time before I found out that there was a fire…

  3. 5 minutes at WHO IS YOU in BIRD – Bemnet

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    06/28/2017 by Lindau *

    You are my anchor and you are my wings. You are my sanctuary, you are my freedom. You are my friend, you are my family. You make me fall apart only to make me defy gravity. You are what makes my life what i call living, you are what makes me feel alive -Bemnet-

  4. 5 minutes Report – King’s Day 2017 at Nieuwe Binnenweg

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    06/28/2017 by Lindau *

    I didn’t like King’s Day this year because it was cold and I guess I was at the wrong place to celebrate. The reason I just finished the film instead of more than a month ago…

  5. 5 minutes in the rehearsal room – Curious Band from Rotterdam City

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    06/18/2017 by Lindau *

    In preparation of May 26th in BIRD, Rotterdam at WHO IS YOU…

  6. At the open jamsession in Rotterdam

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    06/05/2017 by Lindau *

    In CafĂ© ‘De Toekomst’ in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Jaspro and the Curious Band from Rotterdam City improvising…

  7. Sunny days are coming

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    04/01/2017 by Lindau *

    When the weather becomes better and the sun shines beautifully I get inspired.

  8. Marathon Rotterdam 2009

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    03/09/2017 by Lindau *

    An old one. I woud like to make more. Need to travel a lot then.

  9. Coldest month of the year, Rotterdam

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    02/25/2017 by Lindau *

    Complaining about the cold. Eventough I was very cold but still… A little affectation because in Canada it’s much colder. We never had a meter of snow here.

  10. 5 minutes of Rotterdam at the Weena

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    02/01/2017 by Lindau *

    In 1340 Rotterdam was granted city rights by the Count of Holland and slowly grew into a major logistic and economic centre.


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