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  1. ‘100s of ‘clay figures’ crawl through Hamburg protesting G20’

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    07/06/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Hundreds of demonstrators staged a protest in Hamburg’s city center ahead of the G20 summit on Wednesday. The protest was …
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  2. Hong Kong Anniversary: Protests as new leader Carrie Lam is sworn in

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    07/01/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Carrie Lam has become Chief Executive of the semi-autonomous territory following a ceremony attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping. But as Christine Pirovolakis reports, not everyone is happy with the new leadership.

  3. Despite the heat and Ramadan, Moroccans haven’t stopped protesting

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    06/13/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Geographically, Morocco is characterized by a rugged mountainous interior, large tracts of desert, and a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

  4. ‘Thousands demonstrate for the release of rights activist in Morocco’

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    06/02/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    In tonight’s edition, Moroccans in the Rif region continue to protest for the release of the leader of their movement, …
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  5. ‘Torches brought to confederate statue protest’

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    05/16/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    “We are not white supremacists,” said one protestor. “We are simply just white people that love our heritage, our culture.”

  6. ‘Brazil: An inconvenient protest for the media’

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    05/08/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Though a general strike brought much of Brazil to a standstill, the movement protesting President Temer’s economic reforms received little sympathy from the dominant media players. With big business interests behind pro-market policies, Brazil’s media leave little room for popular dissent.

  7. International media silent on violence of Venezuela opposition protests

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    05/06/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for a Western Hemisphere strategy to “stabilize” the situation in Venezuela.

  8. Six killed during protests over teachers’ strike in Guinea

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    02/21/2017 by Saeed Ramzan

    Students have called on teachers to end their three week-long strike over pay, so they can return to class.

  9. License to Shoot? New law gives French police greater powers to open fire on protesters

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    02/18/2017 by Saeed Ramzan

    As the protests against police brutality in France continue to rage, the government has passed a controversial law giving police greater powers to open fire.

  10. ‘0:00 / 1:00 In 60 Seconds: Members of the FARC Begin to Move to Demobilization Zones’

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    02/01/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    In Colombia: Members of the FARC begin to move to demobilization zones. In the U.S.: Lawyers, doctors and protesters arrive outside JFK in support of those detained. In Iran: Oscar winning filmmaker Asghar Farhadi to boycott Oscars in protest against Trump.


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