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  1. ‘Local Girl Turned Informer To Security Forces Which Helped Kill Abu Dujana’

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    08/02/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    A local girl from Pulwama has turned informer to the security forces which eventually helped the forces to reach Abu …
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  2. Would you stop if you saw this little girl on the street?

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    07/01/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    “They were all telling me to go away.” Anano, 6, is a child actor. But the situation she’s in is very real. Every day, millions of children living in poverty are ignored, pushed aside and deprived of everything they need to thrive.

  3. Vytal Mykal sings Falling on the She’s My Girl Riddim by Alain Ulysess

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    06/07/2017 by Lindau *

    A new track of Vytal Mykal’s from Rotterdam, the Netherlands…

  4. ‘Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl’

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    03/22/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Lindemann was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and joined the church choir at 4 years old. She began posting recordings of her singing on the social media app Keek, quickly gaining a following both on the app and her other social media accounts. Her career began shortly after her manager Gerald Tennison discovered a video of her singing on her Instagram profile. She then relocated to Los Angeles to continue pursuing music.

  5. Afghan ‘green-eyed girl’ on her future

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    01/29/2017 by meneer Soemo

    An Afghan woman made famous by a 1985 National Geographic cover talks exclusively to the BBC of her hopes for a new beginning.

  6. ‘They don’t want us to play on our land’: 8yo Palestinian girl bullied by IDF soldier

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    08/06/2016 by meneer Soemo

    An eight-year-old Palestinian girl from the West Bank has told RT about her encounter with Israeli officers, in which they forcibly took her bike…


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