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  1. ‘Berlin street artist group cleverly undo swastika graffiti’

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    08/04/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    A group of students are using their artistic skills to remove swastika graffiti seen around the German capital.

  2. ‘A 15 year old in China’

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    07/31/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Zhu Qianqian is a high school student in Qingdao on China’s east coast. In the late 19th century the city …
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  3. ‘German girl suspected of joining Daesh found in Iraq’

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    07/25/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    ISIL gained global prominence in early 2014 when it drove Iraqi government forces out of key cities in its Western Iraq offensive, followed by its capture of Mosul and the Sinjar massacre.

  4. Life in Germany After World War 2

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    07/17/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    This documentary film is an overview of the political, economic, and social history of Germany after 1945.

  5. ‘Protesters march against G20 in Hamburg’

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    07/10/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Demonstrators rally on the streets of Hamburg, Germany, protesting the G20 summit. City authorities introduced unprecedented security measures ahead of …
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  6. ‘Putin holds press conference at G20 in Hamburg’

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    07/09/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    The G20 (or G-20 or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. Currently, these are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, …
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  7. ‘Latest on the G20 summit underway in Germany’

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    07/07/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    German police have clashed with thousands of anti-globalisation protesters, as the G20 Summit gets underway today in Hamburg. The protesters …
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  8. A Muslim tells – Thank you Christians

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    06/13/2017 by meneer Soemo

    Thank you Germany, thank you Australia, I thank the Pope and thank you Christians for helping fellow Muslims…

  9. ‘Germany vs USA in era of deglobalization’

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    06/01/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    In this special double header episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss an era in which Germany once …
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  10. ‘Cranach Houses – Germany’

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    05/31/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    The #DailyDrone heads to the Cranach Houses: Here is where the artwork and illustrations for the first printed Bible and …
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