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Rotterdam, Nederlands – Update April 14th 2017 – We have a special relationship with YouTube and Facebook. A few hours a day to spend behind the desk to watch the news and entertain ourselves. With films, sometimes good reads and of course some creativity with this blog. This is intended to be a news blog where we share the daily news, our selection of the news. We don’t watch TV anymore.

A learned habit. To sit down and watch the screen. In the past it was the TV and today it’s the laptop. When a kid I sat next to mother watching Dallas with her, soap series. When a teen with my father to watch WWF at Sky Channel. Wow… Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho man” Savage. The names of those days.

Today it’s CNN, RT, Al Jazeera, teleSUR and when interesting to read I read. Washington Post, New York Times and of course the Dutch newspapers and mass media. And many more via Facebook. Alternative media.

I share, and when I feel to write I write. Okay? And I also publish other people’s stories when people would like me to…

Gr. Lindau *

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