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  1. Jared Kushner lands in Israel for talks on peace

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    06/22/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Kushner is the elder son of real-estate developer Charles Kushner and is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka. He was chief executive officer of the real-estate holding and development company Kushner Companies and of Observer Media, publisher of the New York Observer.

  2. The Caribbean Helped to Block Moves Against Venezuela at the OAS

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    06/21/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Caribbean nations again played an important part in preventing the U.S. and its closest allies from adopting a resolution in favor of interfering in Venezuela.

  3. Lily Allen: ‘Hope will turn to anger’ following London Tower fire

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    06/18/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Lily Allen, musician and local resident, gives her view on the aftermath of the West London Grenfell Tower fire, saying “Once these people’s hope turns to anger, they’ve got a real problem on their hands.”The council has said they’re “helping those affected”.

  4. High on Tibet: Bilingual education opening up new world

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    06/18/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Public signs are always the first cultural guidebook for a new man in town. Tibetan, Mandarin Chinese, and even English – a mixture of the old and the new and an attractive fusion of modernity and diversity.

  5. Despite the heat and Ramadan, Moroccans haven’t stopped protesting

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    06/13/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Geographically, Morocco is characterized by a rugged mountainous interior, large tracts of desert, and a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

  6. How the ‘war on terror’ coverage affected the UK vote

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    06/12/2017 by Douwe Blaauwe

    Instead, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party surged with him saying aloud what many believe but few western politicians dare to say – that it’s time for a total rethink on the so-called “war on terror.

  7. Gun Control – Ultra Spiritual Life

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    06/11/2017 by Marius van 't Dorp

    This video will give you the most accurate emotionally charged, opinionated facts on gun control laws, the second amendment, the right to bear arms, the NRA, and gun shootings.

  8. ‘Puerto Rico’s Education Worst Hit in Debt Crisis’

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    06/09/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    In Puerto Rico: Education worst hit in debt crisis. In Philippines: Security forces search house-to-house. In Palestine: Funeral held for …
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  9. ‘Ramadan in Jerusalem’

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    06/09/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    Israeli authorities give special permissions to Muslim worshippers in the Islamic holy month to visit one of the most sacred …
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  10. ‘Labour Party cut themselves from working class’

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    06/09/2017 by Julia van der Doesch

    The Scottish National Party, which favours independence for Scotland, could turn out to be a king maker in this election. …
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