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  1. May 2017

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    06/10/2017 by Lindau *

    Discussing right and wrong means to admit that right and wrong ain’t clear yet…

  2. Next to a bpd

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    06/04/2017 by Lindau *

    “Called my other sister about what happened,” she answered, “I’ve heard it, yes. Just now, but she said that she caught you and you became violent against her,” with the undertone: I believe her… (Sigh!)

  3. Intelligence is …

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    06/04/2017 by Lindau *

    Sometime sometimes I’d like to be free like a bird in the tree…

  4. Sunny days are coming

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    04/01/2017 by Lindau *

    When the weather becomes better and the sun shines beautifully I get inspired.

  5. Lindau and Zacarias playing Brothers and Sisters of Ziggy’s

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    03/19/2017 by Lindau *

    This was in 2008 or 2009 when I started to film again. With the webcam when having visitors to join me… The digital world went open for me.

  6. Dutch vs German

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    03/04/2017 by Lindau *

    A Dutchman is enjoying his breakfast, which includes coffee, croissants, butter and jam, when a German chewing gum comes and sits next to him and start a conversation unsolicited.

  7. Coldest month of the year, Rotterdam

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    02/25/2017 by Lindau *

    Complaining about the cold. Eventough I was very cold but still… A little affectation because in Canada it’s much colder. We never had a meter of snow here.

  8. Playing tourist in Amsterdam

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    01/19/2017 by Lindau *

    Downtown, the Canal District, tourists and a demonstration. Next of being a place for tourists Amsterdam is also a place for politics, for protests. Always have been.

  9. Wasn’t done yet

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    01/09/2017 by Lindau *

    This was so inspiring to me. I need to get back and stay permanently. I haven’t got a bad life, and I would like to share that with others.

  10. Who, me?

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    01/02/2017 by Lindau *

    A guy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Brought to the Netherlands when still a child, my parents chose to stay Dutch when Surinam became independent. Already 41 years ago.


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