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  1. 5 minutes in the rehearsal room – Curious Band from Rotterdam City

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    06/18/2017 by Lindau *

    In preparation of May 26th in BIRD, Rotterdam at WHO IS YOU…

  2. Osie Morales tells – Same story, different books

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    06/17/2017 by meneer Soemo

    Bible scriptures: The same story in different books. Big mistake and religious people do not see, or do not care about.

  3. A Muslim tells – Thank you Christians

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    06/13/2017 by meneer Soemo

    Thank you Germany, thank you Australia, I thank the Pope and thank you Christians for helping fellow Muslims…

  4. May 2017

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    06/10/2017 by Lindau *

    Discussing right and wrong means to admit that right and wrong ain’t clear yet…

  5. Osie Morales tells – To do the impossible

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    06/09/2017 by meneer Soemo

    “Christian” derives from the Koine Greek word Christós (Χριστός), a translation of the Biblical Hebrew term mashiach.

  6. Vytal Mykal sings Falling on the She’s My Girl Riddim by Alain Ulysess

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    06/07/2017 by Lindau *

    A new track of Vytal Mykal’s from Rotterdam, the Netherlands…

  7. At the open jamsession in Rotterdam

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    06/05/2017 by Lindau *

    In Café ‘De Toekomst’ in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Jaspro and the Curious Band from Rotterdam City improvising…

  8. Next to a bpd

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    06/04/2017 by Lindau *

    “Called my other sister about what happened,” she answered, “I’ve heard it, yes. Just now, but she said that she caught you and you became violent against her,” with the undertone: I believe her… (Sigh!)

  9. Intelligence is …

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    06/04/2017 by Lindau *

    Sometime sometimes I’d like to be free like a bird in the tree…

  10. Osie Morales tells – Division

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    05/28/2017 by meneer Soemo

    About how religion is just a tool to create division among people. Not only among groups of people to get divided fom other groups but also individually within families…


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