Is Indonesia moving away from democracy?

Huge anti-government protests are rocking Indonesia this month, shortly before Joko Widodo begins his second term as president.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets to decry new draft legislation that would impose serious limits on civil liberties.

Proposed changes include criminalizing premarital sex, “black magic” and insulting the president. Widodo has postponed the move in response to widespread outcry.

But demonstrators also want the government to repeal a newly passed law that weakens Indonesia’s anti-corruption body; address ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua; and tackle raging forest fires around the country.

Police have responded to protests with tear gas and water cannons, killing at least two students and injuring and arresting hundreds more.

As protests continue, all eyes are on Widodo to see where he takes the country in the coming five years. In this episode we ask, is Indonesia moving away from democracy?

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