Is genocide happening in Kashmir? | Interview with Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany

India’s security lockdown in its portion of the disputed region of Kashmir has previously been described as an ‘open jail’.

Now Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi likened the situation there to genocide.

In its sixth week, the lockdown has virtually cut off residents from the outside world.

The Indian government, though, says things are improving.

The lockdown began after New Delhi’s decision to strip India-administered Kashmir of its constitutional autonomy.

Pakistan has condemned the move, leading to a war of words between both nations.
India and Pakistan claim the region of Jammu and Kashmir in its entirety, but control only parts of it.

India controls the Kashmir Valley, where this lockdown has been imposed.

Areas under Pakistani and Indian control are divided by what’s called the Line of Control, which separates the armies of both nations.

Pakistan has been protesting the Indian government’s move and its latest criticisms were delivered at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

DW also reached out to the Indian Ambassador to Germany, but unfortnuately she was not available for an interview.

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