Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik Banned From Giving Public Speeches In Malaysia

Malaysian police said this has been done in the interest of national security. Zakir Naik was quizzed for 10 hours by the police just a day before the fresh development.

Zakir Naik apologises, says he isn’t racist

Dr Zakir Naik has apologised for his controversial remarks but maintains that he is not racist, saying that his detractors had taken his remarks out of context and added “strange fabrications into them”.

The preacher appealed to Malaysians, particularly non-Muslims, to listen to his speeches in its entirety.

What did Dr Zakir Naik say in Kelantan?

Politicians and ministers have joined in a chorus calling for the deportation of Malaysia’s permanent resident and preacher Dr Zakir Naik after his alleged “racially-charged” remarks. See what he had actually said in a talk in Kota Baru, Kelantan on Aug 8.


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