Increasingly violent protests erupt in Hong Kong | ABC News

The protests began in June, when hundreds of thousands of protesters in the semi-autonomous city marched against the government’s proposal to change an extradition law.

News Wrap: Hong Kong’s airport again crippled by protests

In our news wrap Tuesday, chaos gripped Hong Kong again, as demonstrations crippled the city’s busy airport for a second day in a row. Violent clashes broke out when riot police armed with pepper spray confronted pro-democracy protesters. Also, the U.S. announced it’s delaying tariffs on some Chinese goods until December 15 and removing other items from the tariff list altogether.

Have protests pushed Hong Kong to ‘point of no return’? | DW News

Chaotic scenes have unfolded at Hong Kong’s international airport, where dozens of riot police clashed with pro-democracy demonstrators. Thousands of protestors returned to the airport for a second day in a row, causing all departure flights to be canceled. Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, warned protesters that the city is on what she called “a path of no return.” The United Nations has called on law enforcement to show restraint. Mainland China takes a different view and has condemned the UN for meddling in what it describes as a domestic issue. Meanwhile, Chinese state and social media posted video for all to see of Chinese military vehicles gathering across the border from Hong Kong in Shenzen.

U.S. Flags Everywhere during Hong Kong Protests

Snapshot | U.S. Flags Everywhere during Hong Kong Protests

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