DREAMer Jimmy Aldaoud Dies After Being Deported to Iraq by Trump Administration | NowThis

The Trump administration deported a 41-year-old Detroit man to Iraq — he’d never been to Iraq, spoke no Arabic, and couldn’t access his insulin. He died on Tuesday.

In US news and current events of national and international importance, Detroit DREAMer Jimmy Aldaoud, who had been in the United States since he was six months old, died after being deported to Iraq. The Trump administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sent him to Iraq despite his not knowing Arabic or anyone there. Aldaoud had schizophrenia and diabetes which succumbed to without access to insulin injection. Iraqi deportations don’t get as much attention in immigration news but the Trump administration has targeted more than 1,000 Iraqis for deportation. Rep. Andy Levin spoke out against Aldaoud’s deportation and later death on Twitter.

Two Trump policies take aim at immigration

CBS News is taking a look at the impact of the Trump administration’s controversial “remain in Mexico” policy for would-be asylum seekers. This comes as the administration announced a new rule to that takes aim at immigrants deemed likely to be a “public charge.” CBSNews.com reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez joined CBSN for more.

Trump administration on the defense over immigration crackdown in Mississippi

On the same day the president visited El Paso, Texas, ICE agents raided a food processing plant in Mississippi and detained 680 migrants.

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