Protesters Fight Israel’s Plan to Deport Filipino Workers

THE RUNDOWN | Israel-born Filipino children are facing seeing their mothers deported over a new effort to force out workers who overstayed their work visas. A protest in Tel Aviv tried to challenge what’s happening. How did it go? Our Owen Alterman reports.


The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said Tuesday it foiled a planned bombing attack in Jerusalem by the Hamas terrorist group after discovering a ready-to-use explosive device in the West Bank city of Hebron.

In a statement released to Hebrew media, the agency said that it was successful in exposing a number of terrorist cells operating in the West Bank at the direction of Hamas’s military wing in the Gaza Strip.

The terrorist organization was also said to be planning attacks against Palestinian Authority targets.

The operation was carried out in a joint Shin Bet, Israel Defense Force (IDF) and Israel police investigation in late June.

The Shin Bet added that the cell was instructed to carry out “kidnapping, shooting and stabbing attacks,” along with purchasing weapons and to recruit others to carry out terrorist attacks.

Moments after the Shin Bet publicized details of the operation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the agency for its efforts, saying in a press release that “our enemies should know that our long arm will reach whoever tries to attack us.”

At least four men were arrested in the operation and were identified by the Shin Bet as 38 year-old Ramzi Elauk, 29- year-old Ahmed Katari, Joseph Attrash, 22, and 22-year-old Tamar Rajah Rajbi.

Both Attrash and Rajbi were said to be activists in Hamas’ student arm Al-kotla al-Islamiya.

“The activists of Al-Kotla al-Islamiya constitute the future generation of Hamas activists, and it is evident that efforts have been made, within their membership of the organization, to radicalize their ideological attitudes and perceptions for training them as military activists,” the Shin Bet said.

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