The Most Horrific Cases Of Identity Theft

It’s self-explanatory what identity theft is. It’s when someone steals an identity usually with the objective of using that name to commit a criminal act.

That might be travelling from country to country under a name because the thief is wanted by the police, opening up bank accounts with someone’s name, renting properties, or perhaps just opening up social media accounts.

It happens more these days only because so much information is available online, websites can be hacked, people’s simple passwords can be cracked, phones can be stolen, wallets can be lost or people might fall prey to phishing.

And it happens to a lot of people. The website Identity Force tells us that in 2017, 16.7 million Americans were at least once a victim of identity theft.

Today we’ll look at some of the bigger cases, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Worst Identity Theft cases.

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