SOFI TUKKER – Benadryl (TOKiMONSTA Remix) [Ultra Music]

“Benadryl” comes from SOFI TUKKER’s debut album Treehouse, which has been one of the most explosive collections of dance music to be released in quite some years.

Each track pulls from such different elements of various cultural dance sounds – either electronica, bossa nova, house, pop, Berlin techno, Ibiza beach party, really anything that gets your heart pounding and your feet moving. So we find “Benadryl” a truly intimate display of the band’s deeper musicianship.

While it’s not easy making banger after banger, this group manages to continuously inject moments of sincerity throughout each of their dance-floor ready electro-pop hits.

“Benadryl” moves forward with that notion and provides a sense of reassurance during an era when many electro acts sound increasingly baroque, with producers racing to blend more R&B and tech-house music.

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