Japanese ‘Michael Jordan’ shows off talent at 74!

A 74-year-old Japanese man standing at a little over 163cm (5ft 3in) tall has been dubbed Okinawa’s Michael Jordan for his rare ability to shoot three-pointers without missing.

Zenko Miyagi showed off his talent at a small outdoor basketball court in Chatan on Saturday.

“Someday I want to defeat Michael Jordan by a three-point shooting,” said Miyagi while draining shot after shot.

Miyagi started playing basketball when he was 50 years old as a way to keep in shape. Twenty-four years later, he has become a local basketball legend for his unique ability to score three-pointers nearly without missing.

Basketball is not just a hobby for Miyagi, it is also an active way to voice his disapproval of US military bases in Okinawa.

While he may not be able to dunk because of his diminutive stature, Miyagi is convinced that Michael Jordan wouldn’t stand a chance in a “three point shooting game.”

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