TRACE – Anxiety (Official Video)

Los Angeles bedroom-pop songstress TRACE is confronting her anxiety with, and through, her art. Her newest single, the aptly titled “Anxiety,” opens with somber strumming on an acoustic guitar, immediately offering an intimate vibe that’s soon met with TRACE’s soothing vocals.

Eventually building into a slightly more upbeat indie-pop cut — albeit still dark in tone — even a somewhat sunny instrumental won’t distract from the clarity of TRACE’s honest and despondent lyrics focused on her mental health.

For the single’s accompanying visuals, TRACE produced and co-directed a subtle heartbreaker, as her anxiety — presented in a personified form as a similarly-dressed man and woman — follow TRACE’s every move in tandem, often interacting with her and even dictating some of her movements in an interpretive dance-like segment of the video.

“The first time I met Anxiety, I had shampoo in my hair, says TRACE, via personal essay. “There wasn’t enough water mixed in, so the stuff was pretty sticky on my hands; it felt kind of like honey and it stuck to me. I was eight years old. This very moment was a defining one, for Anxiety has stayed faithfully with me through all the growing up I’ve done, all the lessons I’ve learned, and all the relationships and careers I’ve been through. However, it wasn’t until four years ago that Anxiety finally felt like it had some purpose. Four years ago, I started to write music.”

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