Brother Killed His Own Sister to “Bring Back the Honour” of Her Family 😢

A video showing the brutal killing of a young Syrian girl by her own brother has been released online. She was killed to “bring back the honour” of her family. The video shows a young man, Bashar Bseis, holding a Kalashnikov rifle in hand, pointing at a young girl wearing a scarf and couching on the floor. “Make sure we can see both your faces,” a voice orders him. His friend told him, “Go ahead, Bashar – cleanse your honour.” Bashar then proceeds to shoot multiple bullets into his sister and watches her die. This was reportedly live streamed on Facebook. The girl had been killed after indiscreet pictures of her were posted on the social media site. Bashar is a member of the Free Syrian Army, with its own police and courts and might never be held to account.

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