Court rules against Russia for Navalny arrests

Alexei Navalny is the most prominent critic of President Wladimir Putin and the Russian government. He has mobilized nationwide anti-government protests and captivated Russia’s youth.

He has around 2.3 million followers on YouTube alone.Navalny is known for investigating cases of corruption among Russia’s highest ranking officials. He has faced numerous charges that are widely viewed as attempts by the Kremlin to sideline him. He was barred from running for president due to a prior conviction. Russian TV calls Navalny a “puppet of the West”.

Putin claims that Navalny wants to destabilize Russia.Navalny’s stated goals: Fighting corruption, increasing prosperity and ending military operations in Syria and the Ukraine. Navalny and his supporters have been threatened, interrogated, beaten up and arrested. He’s already spent about 200 days behind bars.

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