Persian Puppets Go to China

Shadow play, or shadow puppetry, is an ancient art form that started in China, which explains why “Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic” is currently touring in Shanghai and heading to Beijing later in the month.

“Feathers of Fire” was conceived, designed, and {is} directed by award-winning filmmaker, designer, and illustrator Hamid Rahmanian, was born and educated in Iran.

It’s a stage production that combines puppetry, art, and history, and has drawn big, sold-out crowds in the U.S. and around the world. It’s a shadow play for all ages – inspired by the ancient Persian poem “Shahnameh.”

Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola saw “Feathers of fire” three times during its run in San Francisco and calls it “One of the great epics of all time…brought to life in a spectacular fashion.” Simply put, it’s a show like no other.

Asieh Namdar sat down with Rahmanian in New York City to talk about his passion for the arts, his mission, and his message in this week’s Full Frame Close Up.

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