6 Warning Signs a Stroke Is Coming

What happens when you experience a stroke? Cerebral Stroke is a leading cause of serious disability in the US at the moment. Each year thousands of people suffer from it, and a lot of them are first-timers. According to The Internet Stroke Center, every year almost 800,000 people suffer from stroke, and only for 150,000 of them is it a recurrence. The most accurate way to describe it is “a heart attack for your brain.” A cerebral stroke occurs when some parts of the brain get interrupted. As a result, the body can’t function normally and needs urgent medical attention to get back to its normal state.

The most confusing thing about a stroke is that even though its symptoms usually develop quickly, it can still take hours or even days to notice that something’s wrong. However, there are some red flags you should never ignore no matter how minor they seem at the moment.

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