Shaun Frank – Bon Appétit feat. YA-LE! (Official Video)

Shaun Frank’s “Bon Appétit” feat. YA-LE! came out this past August, and unfortunately we just didn’t have time to get to it despite absolutely loving it. Thankfully, Shaun is putting out the music video for the infectious track tomorrow and we’ve got the premiere for you today exclusively on Your EDM.

First off, “Bon Appétit” could easily be called a modern pop classic with its instantly memorable earworm lyrics and the wildly enjoyable rhythm merging deep house sounds with some ’90s R&B synths and piano. The music video, out now on Ultra Music, is just as eccentric, if even more so.

The video features a number of women in pastel dresses interacting with a number of food items, from fruit to gummies and pastries. Whether they’re eating the food or crushing it between their fingers or simply just playing with it is entirely random in each scene – but it’s never, ever boring.

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