TERRIFYING Monsters That Might Actually Be REAL!

Check out these TERRIFYING Monsters That Might Actually Be REAL! From real monsters like the chupacabra to mythological creatures that might actually exist, this top 10 list of mysterious creatures has some scary things you don’t want to encounter!

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9. Giants
Giants are mentioned in Native American, Hindu, Greek and Norse myths and legends, even the Bible and of course countless fantasy series. The idea of men and women as tall as buildings has been around for a long time, but could they be real?
The Guinness World Record for the tallest man ever is Robert Wadlow, who measured to be 8 feet 11 inches tall (2.72m).

8. Skunk Ape
One of the biggest legends in the world today is that of Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, but in Sarasota Florida, there’s another creature that roams in the forest that might be scarier than Bigfoot. And it’s guaranteed to be a whole lot stinkier. This is the tale of the Skunk Ape.

7. Shapeshifters
When it comes to superpowers, a common one that people would like to have is the ability to “shapeshift”. This is the power to transform your body into anything you want. The Wonder Twins, Beast Boy, Animorphs, and some people in True Blood have had this ability over the years, but the basis of it comes from ancient legends of actual Shapeshifters existing, and there might be some in the world today if you believe the old stories.

6. Dover Demon
The year was 1977, and in the spring months of that year, a monster appeared. What’s more, this monster was seen by three different people. In their statements, all 3 descriptions matched. It was four feet tall, had long thin fingers, and a “watermelon shaped” head. It also had glowing orange eyes. After the three sightings, the creature was labeled the “Dover Demon”. But, also after those three sightings, the creature was never seen again.

5. Cyclops
In Greek Mythology, the Cyclopes were a race of giants with a singular eye in the center of their forehead. In Homers Odyssey, the most famous Cyclops was the son of Poseidon but we all know that he got his eye plucked out by Odysseus.
What might surprise many is that there is proof that Cyclops could exist today. While it might not be in the form of a colossal giant, sometimes there are people and animals born with one eye.

4. Megalania
In Australia during the Ice Age, there was creature that roamed the continent as Apex Predator of the land. It was a massive lizard, and it was called the Megalania.
This wasn’t just any lizard though, it was said to have grown to be 23 feet long and had a mouth full of teeth that were not only sharp, but it’s mouth was extremely venomous. Which obviously made it an even more lethal predator.

3. Hobbits
When I say “Hobbits”, you’re probably thinking of Frodo and the little people from the Lord of the Rings who we know and love. However, have you ever wondered if they could actually exist? In the modern world, there are reports of actual Hobbits being around in certain places.

2. Dragons
While it’s true that you might think you want a dragon, there should be no doubt that dragons could be kind of scary if they were around now!! While it’s true that many people want to be like Daenerys from Game of Thrones because of how she rides and controls her dragons, it should be noted that for everyone else who is NOT her, facing off against the dragons is frightening on every level.

1. Chupacabra
There are fewer monsters that are as frequently seen as the Chupacabra. It’s been called many things depending on your translation, but its name literally translates to “goat-sucker”. As in, it sucks the blood of goats for food. The legend of the Chupacabra is so pervasive that it’s been seen in live action TV shows and movies, as well as cartoons. And sightings of the creature continue to this day.

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