Al Haddad @ De Halve Maan (NL) • 1 Radical Islam

Debate between Haitham al Haddad and Fouad el Haji. English subtitles from 0:00 to 7:50. Get a clue below video by hovering below it on the right side.

Then at 7:51 hardcoded Dutch subtitles. The first part from 2:18 till 7:51 is an intro to the debate with Fouad el Haji

00:00 Off topic items
02:18 Start in Dutch with Fouad el Haji interviewed
06:40 Female presenter not allowed to sit at table w/o head veil
07:51 Talk with Haddad
15:18 aH: the question has to be academic…
15:46 aH: Done? You don’t interrupt now?
17:03 aH: You promised not to interrupt
18:32 aH: once we recognize their (women) differences…
22:12 aH: Take care for her

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