Sixth anniversary of the Marikana killings

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the worst police killing in post apartheid South Africa, the Marikana Massacre. On this day in 2012, 34 striking mineworkers at Marikana platinum mine in North West Province were killed after they embarked on an unprotected strike demanding better wages and working conditions.

The deaths followed a violent ten days that left a total of 44 dead and 94 injured. Wednesday, the Institute of Security Studies released new chilling findings of the police killings at what is known as Marikana Scene 2, where 57 police from four units fired 295 bullets at mine workers.

At Scene 2, it took 11 minutes to shoot and kill 17 miners, including a group taking cover among rocks and bushes. To talk more on the events of that day, we are joined in the studio by David Bruce, author of the report “The sound of gunfire The police shootings at Marikana Scene 2, 16 August 2012”.

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