Which Countries Have ‘Marry-Your-Rapist’ Laws?

Did you know that laws still exist around the world today that exonerate alleged and convicted rapists if they marry their victims?

According to the World Bank, the Philippines, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Kuwait, Libya, & Syria, have legal provisions stipulating that the perpetrator of rape or sexual assault can escape punishment by marrying the victim There are also variations of these laws that exist in other parts of the world – for example, in Greece, Russia, Serbia, and Thailand an alleged rapist can avoid prosecution if the victim is underage, and in Singapore, Romania, Thailand and Turkey, if the victim “forgives” him.

These laws were back in the news recently after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas repealed that state’s version of the legislation. It was a huge step forward, and came not long after a wave of other countries in the region did the same.


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