Sonu Nigam Live in Concert in The Netherlands

Sonu Nigam (born 30 July 1973) is an Indian playback singer, live performer, host and actor .

He sings in Hindi and Kannada language films. He has also sung in Manipuri, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Tulu, Assamese, Odia, Nepali, Maithili and various Indian languages. Nigam has also released Indian pop albums and acted in a number of films. He has been one of the highest paid Indian singers. Often regarded as the “Modern Rafi”, now considered as one of the most versatile singers of the Hindi film industry.

Sonu Nigam’s beautiful performance at Rotterdam Netherland’s amazing live concert success.

The legendary singer Sonu Nigam arrived in Ahoy. Sonu Nigam is an Indian musician who started singing at the age of 4! After much demand from his European fans, Sonu Nigam finally returned. Together with the best Indian vocalists and musicians, Sony Nigam was ready to perform in Europe. His show on July 28th in Ahoy was the biggest in his history in Netherland. His fans were delighted by Sonu’s voice, charisma and performance.

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