Andrew Rayel & Garibay feat. Jake Torrey – Last Summer

Break out the acoustic guitar and pop some champagne to Andrew Rayel’s latest. The “Horizon” producer knows how to get a crowd amped and electrified, but “Last Summer” wants to help you chill out and make the moment last. He got with L.A.’s Fernando Garibay to make a softer, sweeter kind of melody, and he got singer-songwriter Jake Torrey to lend his angel voice to the love song.

“’Last Summer’ is a completely unexpected sound,” Rayel tells Billboard in an emailed statement, “But the beauty of music is…experimenting and trying something you’ve never done before. Having the chance to work with Fernando and Jake was an incredible experience. The whole work process was so much fun.”

“Last Summer” is what you need to close the distance between you and your summer love. It’s out everywhere Friday, Aug. 3, and it’s​ available for pre-save on Spotify, but you can cozy up to its mellow mood right now, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

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