HOW radical Islamic groups got summer jobs grants

Earlier this year the Trudeau Liberals made summer jobs grant funding contingent on support for LGBTQ rights and abortion. Organizations applying were required to sign an attestation stating that both their core mandate and the job being funded, supported the liberal vision on those issues.

As a result, there was a sharp increase in funding rejections for Christian organizations who refused to violate their conscience on the altar of Justin Trudeau.

Toronto Sun star columnist Candice Malcolm revealed the hypocrisy of the Trudeau Liberals when she uncovered several Islamic organizations who had signed the attestation and received funding despite links to terror and evidence of homophobic statements.

Building on Malcolm’s thorough investigation, we filed an Access To Information request to get our hands on attestations signed by the Islamic groups who received job grants.

Not only did we want to see it for ourselves, but also to be able to show you the physical proof that these hateful, anti-semitic, homophobic organizations did sign the attestation of liberal values in support of LGBTQ and abortion rights.


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