Dying Stories of Purani Dilli: The Last Music Seller of the Family

In the third episode of Dying Stories of Purani Dilli, we visit Shah Music Centre in the Meena Bazaar area of Old Delhi. Syed Zafar Shah, the present owner, is the third generation who is keeping the legacy alive of selling rare form of music and still selling the gramophones.

But, Zafar makes it a point that no one in the family works in the same business after him. In the music centre, you’ll find Mohammad Rafi in more than 10 languages. Baharon pool barsau can be found in English “we hail from different lands”. The most expensive record is Pink Floyd’s 70 RPM which costs around ₹1,00,000.

Kishore Kumar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Floyd are the most sort after records and Zafar feels that people are slowly drifting towards gramophone and old records. Music in old way needs to be enjoyed in a certain way and there’s a difference between listening on analog and digital.

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