Fighting, hunting and survival in Canada’s North (2/2)

Exploring Canada’s wild west, Montreal and Vancouver – from stunning natural landscapes to the bustling big cities. Part 1:

In the second part of the two-part documentary we experience the contradictions that modern Canada has to handle, from the indigenous first nations to Alberta’s oil fields, from Chinese immigrants in Vancouver and British Columbia’s magnificent Pacific coast to the cultural center of Montreal.

In Old Crow, journalist Johannes Hano and his crew accompany Harald Frost from the Vuntut Gwitchin first nations. He is considered their best hunter and he sees himself in harmony with nature when he proudly presents the hides of now rare species of wolf. That’s just their way of life and has been for thousands of years, Frost says. He believes so-called progress is rolling back freedom ever further north. In Alberta, the team spends seven hours with Roy from the Chipewyan tribe on the Athabasca River – always careful to avoid the security personnel employed by the oil companies. Photographer and environmentalist Ian McAllister is trying to protect the last intact temperate rain forest in the northern hemisphere from pipelines and tankers in northern British Columbia. Using film and still footage and dozens of underwater cameras that broadcast live online around the clock, the photographer wants to document the beauty and uniqueness of the environment. And he wants to shock people into preserving this stunning natural landscape. “If we can’t manage it, who else can?” he asks.

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