‘Inside The First Amazon Go Store’

Here’s what it’s like inside Amazon’s cashier-less store. Amazon Go has no checkout lines, cashiers, or registers.

The store is located in Seattle, right near Amazon’s campus. They sell prepared foods and grocery staples. There’s also a small selection of beer and wine. You use the Amazon Go app to enter the store. Here’s how the entire process works. Customers enter the turnstiles by scanning a QR code. Anything you pick up is added to your virtual cart. Any items you put back will automatically be removed from your cart. Once you finished shopping, you can walk right out. No cashier needed. Your Amazon account will automatically be charged. But how does Amazon make sure no one steals anything? Amazon Go uses cameras and high-tech sensors. The combination of cameras and sensors keeps track of where the items are located. However, the technology isn’t perfect, as some YouTubers have proven. Currently, Seattle is Amazon Go’s pilot location. Will walk in and walk out stores be the future of retail?

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