Taylor Swift – Gorgeous

“Gorgeous” is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift for her sixth studio album Reputation. It was released on October 20, 2017, as a promotional single from the album.

Background and release
After Swift held a secret listening party on October 13, 2017 where she played her sixth studio album Reputation for 100 fans from all around the world, she announced the release of a song titled “Gorgeous” through her Instagram account on October 19th. It included a small preview of the track, featuring “a baby voice saying ‘gorgeous’ over an electro-pop soundbed”, as described by Billboard. It was then released the following day as a promotional single.[6] On the same day, a lyric video for the song was premiered.

Swift co-wrote “Gorgeous” with its producers Max Martin and Shellback. It has been described as a “radio-friendly pop” song. Lyrically, the song depicts “the pursuit of a maddening love interest”, whom Swift describes as “gorgeous”. Hugh McIntyre of Forbes characterized the production of the song as “simultaneously a basic 808 drum and an attempt at something that pushes electro-pop into a more interesting territory than Top 40 is used to”. Maeve McDermott of USA Today likened the chorus of the song to the sound of Katy Perry. According to Elle, the man mentioned in the song is the British actor Joe Alwyn, who is Swift’s current boyfriend. The song is composed in the key of C major with a tempo of 92 beats per minute, with Swift’s vocals spanning from G3 to C5.

Critical reception
Maeve McDermott of USA Today called it “further proof of their queen’s pop domination” for Taylor Swift fans, and “a promising omen that the old Taylor may not be dead just yet” for “listeners who have so far been skeptical of Swift’s new direction”. Glamour stated that it was evidence that Swift was “single-handedly saving pop music in 2017”, calling it “fizzy” and “delightful”, owing to its “slightly left of centre style”. In a positive review for Variety, Chris William called the song a “more conventional Taylor Swift song” that, “provides some of the conventional pleasures that only a pop song about falling deeply in crush can”. Jon Blistein of Rolling Stone thought the song is “the yang to the vindictive, angry yin of “Look What You Made Me Do”, as Swift sings ‘wistfully’ about a man over ‘gentle, radio-friendly pop’.” Clayton Purdom from The A.V. Club called it “her first good single in forever”, stating that the song “clears the low bar set by its two predecessors [‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and ‘…Ready for It?’]” and stands easily alongside the best work on 1989. Entertainment Weekly’s Eric Renner Brown gave it a B+, citing that “she’s back on top” with “Gorgeous”. Richard S. He of Billboard started by saying the song’s verses are “Swift at her pettiest”, claiming the song’s protagonist is “not a good person”, while realizing she was playing a character and has “never been wittier”. In a mixed review, Frank Guan of Vulture stated that the song “isn’t terrible”, but it is “yet another song from Reputation that doesn’t live up to its title”.

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