‘Rights and Recourse’

The Mental Health Care Act No 17 of 2002 provides for care and rehabilitation services of persons with intellectual disabilities and the Department of Health is responsible for the provision of appropriate developmental health care for those with severe to profound intellectual disabilities.

It can however be said that the widespread gap that continues to exist between the burden of mental illness and disability and the widespread lack of mental health care resources in South Africa is at its core a human rights issue. Whilst this problem is by no means isolated to South Africa, it persists despite the country publicly committing itself to the upholding of the human rights of all persons with disabilities. Guests : Prof Melvyn Freeman : Chief Director for Non-communicable Diseases : National Department of Health, Dr Lesley Robertson: Board Member for South African Society of Psychiatrists, Ms Sasha Stevenson Attorney at SECTION27, and lastly Mr Suntosh Pillay : Clinical Psychologist.

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