GRAVITY EXPLAINED | Universe documentary

New space documentary 2016 about gravity and other laws of physics. Force of gravity explained by Newton and Einsten is mystery of universe and is a part of many hypotheses such as simulation hypothesis theory and other physics hypotheses.

Galaxies, planets and blacks holes are part of law of gravity. Is gravity only a result of simulated reality and space time warp?

Watch this super universe documentary 2016. Gravity waves may be our best chance to look… very, very close to the beginning of the universe. after the Big Bang… the universe was so dense, it was actually opaque to light. Light could not travel through it. So if light can’t travel through the universe, what can? A gravity wave. The problem is a miniscule signal from a gravitywave… has yet to be caught. lt’s clearly hard.

ln fact, when Einstein predicted them, he thought it was a nice idea… but no one would ever be able to detect them. lt’s only the advances of technology that give us a chance. Einstein not only determined that mass warps space… it warps time, too. So, henceforth, Einstein proclaimed physicists should not speak of space and time separately but of space-time as one unified object.

All objects particles, people, planets, produce gravity. Omnipotent and omnipresent gravity attracts, governs, warps, shapes, makes… and takes all matter and mass in the universe.

So it’s pervasive. lt acts on all things through extremely large distances and nothing escapes its pull. lt is gravity that holds our solar system together. The force of gravity is basically that thing that holds us on the planet.

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