‘Legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick shows off in China’

At the Cyber Security Summit 2017, hosted by one of the country’s largest Internet company, Tencent, he demonstrated how to exploit a bank’s security flaws. Mitnick mainly used an NFC suite and a piece of malicious code to break into both the card security and a password-protected laptop, astonishing hundreds of Chinese tech fans. After his show, Mitnick sat down with CGTN reporters to share … Continue reading ‘Legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick shows off in China’

‘Will Drug Testing Tents at Music Festivals Improve Safety?’

It’s the summer and for hundreds of thousands that means a trip to a music festival. But along with beer and bands, illegal substances also feature for many gig goers. Now the Boomtown Fair in Hampshire has become one of the first festivals to offer on-site drug testing. But with drug deaths at a record high, is this a pragmatic solution prioritising safety over the … Continue reading ‘Will Drug Testing Tents at Music Festivals Improve Safety?’

‘Rich Chigga – Glow Like Dat’

Brian Imanuel (born September 21, 1999), better known by his stage name Rich Chigga, is an Indonesian rapper and comedian from Jakarta. He is best known for his viral debut single “Dat $tick”, which was released in March 2016. Brian Imanuel was born on September 21, 1999, in Jakarta, Indonesia to parents of Chinese-Indonesian descent. He has four siblings. Imanuel was raised in West Jakarta in a lower class neighbourhood. He never had a formal education as he was homeschooled. In … Continue reading ‘Rich Chigga – Glow Like Dat’