‘Meet Sama Abdulhadi, the pioneering Palestinian DJ!’

Sama Abdulhadi -A.K.A SkyWalker- is the first female Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer.

She started mixing in 2006 in parties around Ramallah, Palestine, and started producing her own music and expanding her interest in synthesis in 2010, with a focus on Electronic Music, more specifically Techno, House, and other deeper sub-genres, with a very unique twist of her own.

In 2011, she moved to the UK to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering and Music Production from S.A.E. London, further improving her technical skills.

Soon after, she released two albums, ” Life’s Pace ” a debut EP with Itchycoo Records, and ” Quantum Morphosis “, a self-released independent triptych, which are on iTunes and all major platforms.

She then started her career in Cairo in 2013 as an Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Audio Trainer, and Sound Designer immediately showing the film industry what she’s made of. Apart from doing her own work on countless projects in Cairo, Jordan and Palestine, she has also assisted other audio engineers, held workshops, and worked on a number of collaboration projects with various artists.

In 2016, Sama partnered with Eka3 to start a publishing agency of its first kind called awyav, which represents independent artists from all over the arab world. She was also invited to perform in Paris during the festival Palest’In & Out in where she was selected as a special mention in the music category by a professional jury composed of artists and music professional from Europe and the Arab world (Kamilya Jubran, Brahim el Mazned, Mahmoud Jrere, Julien Nicolaou, Youssef Hbeish and Maati Kabbal).

In beginning 2017, Sama was selected by the French Institute to attend a six month residency at the International City of Arts in Paris, in order to work on her next album and develop the live show.

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