‘Meet the Kabuliwalas of Kolkata’

Since pre- colonial times, Kolkata has been home to an eclectic mix of people who came to the city as traders and businessmen. One of these were the Afghans. Long before Rabindranath Tagore made ‘Kabuliwala’ a familiar term in popular culture, the Afghans had already set firms roots in the country, as early as the 18th century. They came selling spices, fruits and attar and … Continue reading ‘Meet the Kabuliwalas of Kolkata’

‘Mosul civilians run for their lives’

The fighting in Mosul is dragging on, with nearly 200,000 people trapped as Iraqi forces move towards the Old City. Meanwhile, Iraq’s government-aligned Popular Mobilisation Forces – dominated by Iran-backed Shia armed groups – have taken more areas from ISIL on the border with Syria. Capturing the town of Al-Baaj brings them closer to their goal of controlling areas near the Iraqi-Syrian border so they … Continue reading ‘Mosul civilians run for their lives’