‘Thousands demonstrate for the release of rights activist in Morocco’

In tonight’s edition, Moroccans in the Rif region continue to protest for the release of the leader of their movement, a new separatist movement in Biafra aims for political representation and we meet the residents of the Ennerdale township in South Africa who are demanding more jobs, land and better healthcare.

Tensions remain high in the northern Moroccan region of Rif in the wake of the arrest of the leader of months of protest. Thousands of people have been demonstrating for the release of Nasser Zefzafi who’d been on the run for several days before he was taken into custody.
Tensions between separatists and central government are high in parts of south eastern Nigeria. Many Biafran separatists accuse the government or marginalising and persecuting them. We hear from some of the independence activists at the heart of the standoff with Abuja.
And we head to a township on the outskirts of Johannesburg that has seen frustration with Jacob Zuma’s government and deepening inequality spill out into the streets. In Ennerdale locals have clashed with police over the lack of jobs, healthcare and opportunity.

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