Who, me?

A guy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Brought to the Netherlands when still a child, my parents chose to stay Dutch when Surinam became independent. Already 41 years ago.

In this category I’m going to show a piece of me when nobody bothers with that. I’m guy who laughs at cynical jokes and likes art. Educated to become a social pedagogic counselor and did my job pretty well for many years. And today? Only busy being creative and I would like to share this with others. Especially with the young.

I like to tell short stories, making photographs and films, but also like making music. I have been a spare time musician for many years…

Last year I’ve been to Surinam for the second time:

Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport. November 26th 2015…

This wasn’t all, next time more.

Gr. Lindau *

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