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We, who are we?

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I’m Lindau * with a few friends on line. A person following the daily news like how others follow soap series on tv or sports. And this news blog is an expression of that. It’s a hobby of mine and part of meneersoemo.net.

Meneer Soemo is also part of my klompokProject. It’s about filming, art and culture. Hobbies I would like to share with young people. Young people in need far away from home.

Media is all part of that so, we’ll be writing as well. To know how to write is to know how to plan. This is the place where we write our plans and report the results.

When you look around in this blog you see the newspaper cuttings as well. That’s because when you work with the youth you need to show them in what kind of world we live in. To educate the youth is to guide them into the world, to make them aware of…

We’re from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and that’s where we still are. Some of us live in other parts of the world and will give their share by writing. Writing articles for our target group but for our audience on this blog as well.

Lindau *, December 4th 2016

In different parts of the world so, with different issues and from time to time also same issues but with a different approaches.

But now we’re still in the stage of preparation and forming this blog, our medium. From time to time I will make a several posts to make you more familiar with me and my plans for the project.

Until now I thank you, thank you for your attention, and thank you for subscribing to this blog. We will learn to know each other better…

Gr. Lindau *

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