Marijuana: The Gateway to Incarcerating People of Color

Many drug laws today were racially motivated at inception, so it’s no surprise that drug policies do not affect everyone equally.

We know that despite Whites, Blacks, and Latinos using marijuana at the same rate, in CA Blacks are four times more likely to be charged with marijuana possession and Latinos two times more likely. This is no coincidence. Marijuana laws have a loaded history that has been used to incarcerate marginalized communities for decades. That’s why Brave New Films teamed up with Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform and Drug Policy Alliance Action in support of a critical ballot in 2016, Prop 64, to legalize marijuana use for adults in California. The last thing the police need is another tool to keep up the failed war on drugs. It’s time to take this tool away and help spread critical reform to states throughout the nation.


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