A baker received butter from a farmer and the farmer bread from the baker. After a while the baker noticed that the pieces of butter were getting lesser and lesser in weight. They should weigh three pounds.

His balance proved that he was right and had the law of the farmer. To meet the judge.

“Your pieces of butter don’t have the wanted weight,” said the judge to the farmer. “This piece should weigh three pounds but it’s less.”

“That’s impossible, mister judge,” the farmer said, “I always do a double check and never make mistakes.”

“Then maybe your weights are not accurate,” said the judge.

“What do you mean weights,” the farmer asked perplexed. “I don’t have weights, I never use them.”

“But how do you weigh then if you don’t use weights,” asked the judge.

“Very simple,” the farmer said, “I receive my bread from the baker and the baker butter from me. One bread weighs three pounds, so I place my butter left on the balance and the bread on the right. This is how I weigh.”

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