New treatments moving us closer to a cure for cancer?

Pure scam. Fox News sides with the big pharma who wants more and more money every day. They really don’t care about us, about people in general…

My father was in his last 2 weeks but he refused the morphine because that goes against his religion. No intoxicants for him.

A daughter of one of his late friends came to visit him and brought him a plant, a herb. She heard someone saying that my father was very ill, suffered lots of pain and came to the idea to pay him a visit.

‘It’s a painkiller,’ she said. ‘Eat 3 leaves a day and pray to God.’
He stayed silent.
‘Do you believe in God?’
‘Yes, I’m a Christian since I don’t say prayers in a language I don’t speak nor understand.’
‘Then pray and ask for healing.’

After 4 days the pains were completely gone and my father felt fitter than when he was in his twenties. Fit enough to take the plane to Amsterdam and to go under the scanner of the AMC, Amsterdam Medical Centre.

All tumors were gone, but the scar tissue where the tumors were located still visible. After less than 14 days of eating the leaves of the sambong plant he found his cure.

In the last 5 years expected the big pharma sold the insurance a € 10,000 drug every 3 months to slow down the tumors. Most tragic was that the insurance man who now has a spot next to the specialist to decide the treatment began to have difficulties now that the 5 years was nearly expired. Whether after this could be cheaper.

Out of 10 70+ cancer patients she offered the plant 6 survived the illness.

Sambong means extension.

Sambong at


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